What is the shelf life of your doughnuts?

Since we don’t use any chemicals to extend the shelf life, doughnuts stay the most fresh two to three days after receiving it. From the day we bake our doughnuts and cake products, they last about a week. Once received your pup can enjoy it right away or you may freeze it for a later date to keep it fresh. Refrigerating it will help extend its shelf life as well.

What is the shelf life for your cookies?

Our cookies have about a 1 month shelf life. We dehydrate our treats to make sure we can extend it’s shelf life without chemicals or extra preservatives. Which means our treats are on the crunchy side. We bake our treats to remove the majority of moisture, as moisture equals mold. Occasionally, we will have a batch that molds, but we guarantee all our products and are happy to send replacements should this occur.

How far in advance should I order?

At least 48 hours in advance for local pick up. Custom orders we need 72 hours at the latest, the more time we have to plan the better! For shipping at least two weeks notice to ensure your pup’s treats arrive in time. Once it ships it’s out of our control so delivery date is not guaranteed.

Are your cookies and doughnuts meal replacements?

No they are not, they are just delicious treats to snack on. They make great leftovers if your pup cant finish it all. We also recommend giving small pieces at a time for smaller dogs. Most of them cant contain their excitement and try to eat the treats/cakes whole! This might lead to a tummy ache, too much of a good thing! Although we don’t blame them!

How does local pickup work?

For our local orders, you can write “pickup” in the text box at checkout. The day before you’d like to pickup we will reach out to you to arrange a time for the following day. Once you’re on your way the day of we will place your boxed up items on the table next to our door for an easy and convenient pickup!