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About the Crazy Mutt Treats Journey


Hey everyone!  A little message about Crazy Mutt Treats.

I just wanted to write a post thanking all of you and explain how I got my business started. When I first got to Misawa (Japan), I struggled to find my purpose. I’d been working since I was 16 years old so not working was hard for me. I’m the type that loves to stay busy! Ask my family, I’m a bit exhausting! ?

So as I was figuring that out, my dog Cash’s birthday was approaching. When I lived in Illinois, we’d always drive down to St. Louis to a dog bakery. And for all their birthdays and special occasions, we’d get them something.  And yes, we made the 30 min drive for that, you all know I’m extra.

Well, Misawa doesn’t have a ton of options for dogs, so I thought I’d try to make my own cupcakes for him. They loved them of course, not much they won’t eat! After that, I started having fun with it and making treats for the dogs I dog sat for. I decided to start selling them.

I was so proud of my very first cake, it’s funny to look back at it. But I thought it was a lot of fun and helped me be creative while feeling productive like when I was working. But Misawa is very small, so it was still more of a hobby when I was there.

When I came back here, I noticed again there aren’t many options for dogs. Yes, your normal treats, but nothing cute and exciting. Since my dog treats are more for the owners after all haha. So I thought I’d try selling here and see how it went. My mom and aunt agreed to help me which I’m so thankful for, I really couldn’t do it without them!

Then before I knew it, we were getting orders left and right, more orders than I ever had before. It’s been amazing and the excitement from customers when they send me pictures of their dogs and their cakes is the best! But I’m also blown away by the support you all have shown me. Everything from “liking” my creations, sharing my page, to recommending my business to people. I can’t thank you enough!

Even those I don’t talk to often, are still supporting me any way they can, so I appreciate your kindness and your support, it’s incredible and I’m so appreciative of you all for it! I hope to continue to make people smile through my business and posts. It feels good to know I have so many people wanting me to succeed.